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The Wake CRC is part of a statewide initiative to create a coordinated system of information and access for people seeking long-term services and supports. It is not a new agency or a particular place, but rather a network of agencies working together. In North Carolina, CRC’s offer a “No Wrong Door” approach so that older adults, adults with disabilities and their caregivers can find information and services through any number of community partners.

The intent of CRC’s is to:

  • Minimize confusion for the individual
  • Reduce the number of agencies a person must approach to receive services
  • Support individual choice and informed decision-making
  • Increase the cost effectiveness of long-term care support systems
Some Wake CRC partner agencies offer Options Counseling. Options Counseling is a person-centered process to help people make informed decisions about their long-term service needs. Options Counselors can help people identify the options available to them, taking into account their individual values, preferences, needs and resources. Contact the CRC Coordinator at 919-713-1530 to be connected to an Options Counselor.
PASSPORT training and materials are also available through the Wake CRC. PASSPORT provides information to help people learn more about what to expect when they have to be in the hospital and how to make the best possible transition from the hospital back to the community. PASSPORT includes a Personal Health Record and a Medication Record. Contact the CRC Coordinator to schedule a PASSPORT training for your group.
The Wake CRC convenes and facilitates bi-monthly meetings of the Care Transitions Coaltion of Wake County.  The goals of the Coaltion are to:
  • reduce avoidable hospital re-admissions for older adults and adults with disabilities;
  • increase the rate of discharge to home when that is the individual's preference; and
  • increase awareness and availability of community services and support.

For more information about how you or your organization can become involved, please contact the CRC Coordinator at 919-713-1530.

If you are interested in learning more about the Wake CRC, contact the Coordinator or follow the links below.
If you are not in Wake County, please contact your Area Agency on Aging to locate a CRC near you.

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